Clear Power Solutions Inc Batteries, Solar, Telecommunication & More

Clear Power Solutions Inc is a privately held corporation. We specialize in DC power solutions for RVs, boats, cottages and more, as well as complete solar energy systems. We also have the knowledge and equipment to build and rebuild battery packs. We also have a full range of telecom power and solar installation services, performed by our experienced and qualified staff. We'll work with you to determine your needs, and deliver the services you want. Contact us today to get started.


Whether you need something as particular as biomedical batteries for a laboratory facility, or you're an individual in the market for a new laptop, cell phone or small electronics battery, we can help. We offer a wide variety of choices, and you can view the specifications for many of these options right here on this site. Learn more.


We specialize in telecom power installations, and these services are offered internationally. In addition to installations, we can also perform site evaluations for our customers, as well as battery testing. Learn more.


solar panels and wind turbines
We are proud to provide our customers with great options for renewable energy systems, both on-grid and off-grid. We sell and install solar systems which offer flexible energy options. Learn more.