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Let the Power of the Sun Heat Your Water

At Clear Power Solutions Inc, we can install a system for heating your water with the power of the sun. This is a great way to use an alternative energy source to meet an everyday need in your home. Learn more about how the process below, or contact us today to get started.

How It Works

Enerworks is a flat panel solar collector system that absorbs heat from the sun to heat the domestic hot water (dishes, washing machine, showers) in your house. The system does not cycle water through the solar collectors, it cycles through a food grade propylene glycol and distilled water solution to prevent freezing in colder climates.

The water and glycol solution absorbs the heat from the sun when it is pumped through copper tubing inside the solar collector. The water and glycol solution is pumped through the system using a small AC pump that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. The pump is controlled with temperature sensors that are located at the solar storage tank and the solar collector. The pump automatically turns on when the solar collector reaches a higher temperature than the water entering the system.

Enerworks is a closed loop system, meaning it never comes in contact with the hot water you use in your house. The water and glycol solution heats the water through a heat exchanger that is mounted on the side of a storage tank. The cold water that usually goes into your hot water tank is diverted to the solar storage tank. This is where the cold water passes through the heat exchanger and heats up. The water is then stored in the solar storage tank until it is needed in the house. Now your hot water tank draws warm water from the solar storage tank instead of heating cold water from a well or city source. To the left is a diagram showing how the system works.

Collector Location

The Enerworks solar collectors can be installed on a roof, outside wall or even a ground mount. The system will perform better if the panels are facing South at a 45-60 degree angle. The panels cannot be installed flat on a flat roof for two reasons. One reason is the overheating protection device will not work, and another is that the snow will not melt and slide off the collectors.

Estimated System Size and Cost

The chart below recommends the number of collectors and solar storage tank size you'll require, depending on hot water usage and how many people live in the house. The estimated system cost for a one collector system is $6500, taxes included and installed, a two collector system is $8500, taxes included and installed. Prices change depending on the location of the solar collectors and labor.

Table 1: Sizing the High-Performance (pre-heat) Appliance

Individuals in home Appliance Size Solar Storage Tank Size
Standard North American Electric Tank
2-3 1-collector 48-72 gal US 40-60 gal Imp 182-273 L
3-5 2-collector 72-96 gal US 60-80 gal Imp 273-365 L
5-7 3-collector 96-120 gal US 80-100 gal Imp 365-455 L
7-10 4-collector 120-144 gal US 100-120 gal Imp 455-546 L


Under warranty, collectors are covered for 10 years, non-electric components are covered for 5 years and electrical components are covered for 2 years.

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