Let the Sun Heat Your Pool with Solar Pool Heaters, New Brunswick!

Enersol solar pool heating systems are designed to heat above-ground and in-ground pools. A heat pump can be used as an auxiliary heater if more heat is desired. Enersol solar pool heating is a very simple concept. The system is designed to use the existing circulating pump to divert the pool water through the rubber collectors when they are hot enough to heat the water. The system can be controlled by an automatic or manual three-way valve. The automatic valve system uses a controller to monitor the pool’s water temperature and the Enersol collector temperature. When the temperature difference is great enough to heat the pool water, the three-way valve will divert the pool water through the collectors to transfer heat to the pool. When using the manual valve, you have to change the valve position manually on sunny days and at night to control the heat transfer. The collectors are designed for the Canadian climate and they can be left installed all year-round. The system has to be drained every autumn to prevent the collectors and PVC pipe from freezing.

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